Minecraft Pocket Edition Cheats

Minecraft Pocket Edition

As Minecraft pocket edition is downloadable on your site. Click to download minecraft apk free and follow the steps to install. Minecraft was developed by Markus Personn – swedish developer. minecraft came into being in 2001. First version was free and it was named as classic version. Now let me tell you something more about minecraft story.

You can play this game using windows, Mac, Linus and console etc. The game play is simple and easy understandable. This game is loved by specific category game players. You can play the game if you have strategic mind or you have first person shooter interest. Minecraft pocket edition was developed for android and iPhone users. As time flows then developer thought to launch this game for mobile users too.

Minecraft Pocket edition is not free to play. But don’t worry you can download the latest version from our site for free. Just go the main page and download it. Still if you find any difficulty do let us know so that we can solve your problem. Also if you want to play this game for desktop then you will have to read “Download Minecraft for PC. Today we are going to discuss about minecraft pocket edition cheats. So here we go 🙂

Minecraft Pocket Edition Cheats

Minecraft Pocket Edition Cheats


Minecraft pocket Edition Cheats

Every game has hacks and cheats so that you can play the game easily. Today we have found some good stuff about minecraft pocket edition which is the use of command blocks in the game. Now if you are the coder or you have basic knowledge about it then you will understand that what is the command block.

If you are not then no worries. Command block is an interface which allow you to put any command and it will accomplish the command which you will give. There are different commands for different tasks. you will just have to put the command and rest the computer will do. Now let me tell you about different commands for minecraft pocket edition and how it works.

Open Command Block : Firt of all open command block by typing “/give @p command_block” while the game play. You can simply use the keyboard and type it. This will open the command block interface. Now, you will have to put the commands. I am mentioning some of them in below and their use.

Say Command : Write any thing after say word, and when you hit any thing then you will see the exact words you have typed in the command. Suppose you write Say How are you ? Now when you will hit any block then you will see this sentence in left side of your screen.

Carrot : This command will help you to increase carrots in your inventory system. Just type “/give @p carrot”. Now when you will hit any block then for one hit you will be given one carrot.

Summon Commands [Minecraft Pocket Edition]

Now let us discuss some summon commands and their use. With the help of summon command, user can add different species in the map while playing. There are few commands with summon which you should know below.

Summon Sheep : This command will allow the user to add sheep in the maps. The create you will see when you will enter the command and type enter.

Summon Pig : Summon pig will let the user to add pig in the map. Hence you can add any other animal, species according to your desire.

Minecraft Pocket Edition Hacks

There are some other hacks as well which includes the change of day/night time. Weather option is also there in the game. Yet there are many many commands for minecraft pocket edition hacks. Which should also be discussed below.

/time set day/night : This command allows you to change day time into night and night time into day.

/kill @e : If you want to kill all the animals, species which you added above in the map. You can use this command to kill them all.

/weather rain: As it is virtual world based game. so you have an option to start or stop the rain. just put this command to start the rain.

/weather clear: To stop the rain then use this command and you will experience the clean weather.

Final verdict :

I hope I have increased your knowledge by sharing some of cheats. Minecraft pocket edition cheats are easy to put. Still if you gave any difficulty then please leave me feedback and I will help you in a while. Thanks for reading please share it to your loved once. Chill 🙂

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