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Minecraft apk is one of the emerging apk game on play store. Swedish developer “Markus Persson” developed this game. Later it was also developed by “Mojan AB”. He is also Swedish game developer.Was founded in 2009. Also, He is popular in creating strategic games like minecraft apk and sandbox etc. Minecraft allows the user to create the world with different 3D cubes. It requires creativity by the user. There are also some other activities in the game.

Activities includes Resource gathering, Exploration, Combat and crafting. These terms will discuss later on in detail below. It is designed by Jens Bergensten. The platforms for minecraft are Mac OS, Linus, Windows, Android and iOS etc. For android and Apple store, This game is paid. But from here You can download micecraft apk for android and iOS for free.

minecraft apk game download

minecraft apk game download

Minecraft apk Version Information

Please check the compatibility of your phone with apk version information. You can download and install the latest version. Please bookmark our site. Once we will get new version, we will upload it for you guys 🙂

App name : Minecraft Pocket Edition.

Version :

Android Device : Jelly bean or newer.

Root Required : No.

No of. Downloads : 1 Million+

App Size : 85 MB

How To Download Minecraft APK For Free

Follow the simple steps given below to download the game for free. It is quite easy and simple. But if you find any difficulty for downloading this game, please leave a feedback and we will guide you immediately.

  1. Click the download button mention below.
  2. You will be redirected to the downloading page.
  3. From top right corner, click to download.
  4. We have added 2 mirrors. In case if one is not running so you can download from other mirror.
  5. If you are downloading it from android device then please check your File manager folder.
  6. If there is no file manager folder by default then you can download it from play store.
  7. I hope that you have downloaded this game successfully.

Download Now

Install Minecraft APK [Smart Phone]

After downloading the game by following steps mentioned above. Now, Follow the instructions to Install minecraft apk easily.

  • If you have downloaded from desktop. Then go to downloads option and copy the apk file.
  • Attach your smart phone with desktop and paste apk file in your phone.
  • Now, Go to the file manager of your phone and click install.
  • There will be small security check, You will be asked to allow this install or decline.
  • Tap on ok to install this apk file.
  • Once it is installed, turn off your WiFi.
  • And open this game, once it is loaded completely then you can turn on the internet.
  • Now go the settings>apps>updates. Please turn off the automatic updates for minecraft apk.
  • Because if updates will be turn on, it will replace the game with the newer version which will be paid.
  • And you will be asked to pay to play the game.

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How To Fix App Not Installed Error

Some times your device shows an error that “App not installed”. It can happen due to any unwanted reason. Just follow the instructions again if you get such error during installation of minecraft apk in your android smartphones or tablets.

Restart or Reboot Your Device : Sometimes, app installation is remitted due to purge cache stored in the phone. Once you will restart your device, Cache of your phone will be lost. And due to the cache removal, your device will install the game and no error will occur again.

Uninstall older version of Minecraft Apk : It happens some times that due to the older version of the game. Newer version of app/game does not install or shows an error. It can be any reason. We can not go in detail for this. All you will have to do is to uninstall the older version which you have downloaded from play store or any other source. Delete all the app data of minecraft apk from your settings. Now, Install the game again. And 99% of chances are that you will be successful this time. Still if there is any issue, you can contact us by commenting below or by directly sending feedback.

Minecrat Apk Game Modes

As every game has different modes which encourage the user to play the game. Same is for minecraft. There are more than 2 modes in this game discussed below in detail. Also these modes are addictive and motivate the user to spend time for this game. So let us discuss the modes.

1. Single Player mode : 

This mode is for single users. You can play alone this game for long time. One can use its own strategy to play how ever he likes. Its very versatile game and for android we have minecraft pocket edition. There are different things to do with the game. its like virtual world same as real world game.

2Multiplayer Mode : 

Multiplayer means playing pocket addition over the internet. There will be more than one user. And you can enjoy a lot while playing this game with your friends. Minecraft apk multiplayer mode has few more modes such as survival mode, adventure, creative and spectator mode etc. These all modes of minecraft apk is discussed below as well.

Survival Mode [Minecraft Apk]

As the name says, survival is the indication to survive in the game. In this mode user will have to maintain or acquire the resources such as cash, coins etc to build the world in the game. Also, User will use the resources to built the health. This is the only way to survive in the survival mode. Players will gather woods, stones etc which will be found in environment. There is one health bar for the player in survival mode. Health bar will become less by the attack of monsters. Also when user will fall from top, feeling suffocation, falls in lava or starve. It is quite natural for every game.

Hunger bar : We have hunger bar also in the minecraft apk game. When the starvation will increase, Hunger bar will be decrease. This bar should be filled by the user to eat food periodically.

If hunger bar stops : If hunger bar continue to decrease. Player will stop healing automatically and health bar will become lesser. So, it is quite necessary to refill hunger bar. And should be taken care of.

Minecraft apk Inventory System

This game has check and balance. Due to inventory system, user can carry limited number of items such as weapons, swords and axes etc. When player will die, All the carried items will be lost. So the player will have to carry all the accessories again in next life. You can also get the reward by killing other enemies. Also by cooking food, mining and breeding animals. These items will be more efficient and beneficial for you.

Crafting in Survival Mode

Game player has the ability to craft many of items in minecraft apk. One can craft armor, swords, axes, shovels aand pickaxes etc. The purpose of armor is to get help to refill damage from attack. Sword is perfect to kill enemies and animals both. axes, shovels etc is helpful to chop tress and to dig soil etc. Iron tools are more perfect and efficient to kill enemies. While wooden tools should be used hardly to achieve the goal. This is how in real life works. That’s why minecraft apk has same attributes like the real world.

Adventure Mode

 The third mode under multiplayer mode is adventure mode. It was added in 13 version of minecraft. The user can play custom maps. These are created by other players. This adventure mode is interesting. because user can experience more adventure to play custom maps. It is some how similar to survival mode but has some restrictions also. These restrictions will be applied by the creator of the map.

It has one more feature which command block. The purpose of this block is to allow the map creators to interact with other players. This is done with the help of scripted server commands. Adventure mode is interesting because you will play just a new map which is created by one of your fellow. we should take advantage in minecraft apk pocket edition to play this mode as well.

Spectator Mode

In spectator mode, The user can watch minecraft game play by flying. The user will not interact in the playing game. In this mode, User will not have an inventory. But you can give items to other players, That’s very interesting. Also you can view from the angle of other creature such as enemy, trees etc or other player.

The only benefit of playing spectator mode is free tour. The game player can move freely towards the world in this mode. He will not be affected by gravity. You can go any where in the game you want to. No restriction and no hurdle at all. it is just wow !

Minecraft apk Creative Mode

Another interesting mode is creative mode in minecraft apk. It is contrary to survival mode. Here, User has enough resources to build the world.You can access any weapon or item through inventory system. Any item can be removed or replace by inventory. Also he has unlimited resources to fly across the world.

There is no issue of hunger as well in creative mode. Your character will not be damaged due to hunger at all. I love this creative mode personally. Here you don’t need to gather money. You have already unlimited resources to go on.

Hardcore Mode

The last but not the least is hardcore mode. As the name says it is difficult one to play. Because you will be given only one life to play this mode. So user while playing minecraft apk hardcore mode, he should be very careful as you have only one life in this mode. Also when player will die, the server will be set to hardcore mode by default. When new life begin it will be moved to spectator mode.

Minecraft PE APK Editions

There are 2 main editions of minecraft. Also,There are some variations in both versions. One is story mode and other is education system. Let us discuss both of them below in details.

Story Mode 

Minecraft story mode, is an episodic series of game. It was developed by Mojan and Telltale games in December,2014.
It was having total 5 episodes and 3 others downloadable edition. Later in 2015, it was released for Windows, Mac OS, Play station 3 and 4 and xbox series. The very first trailer for minecraft apk story mode was released in July 2015. It amazed the players by its cooling features.

Feature of Minecraft Story Mode

In story mode version, Player will have the ability to control Jesse. He is the one who sets the journey with his friend in order to find the order of the stone for saving the world.

Education Edition [Minecraft apk]

As the great game has great success. After successful result of story mode. They announced in January 2016, to release new version of minecraft. Later on, November 2016, This version was finally released. It was only released for education system as name same it all. It was setup in classes to teach arts and poetry also. Now this was good initiative. It was specially designed for this purpose i,e use in the class rooms.

Minecraft Story Mode Vs Education System

There are no big difference related to game play and graphics. But yes some are small differences which should be discussed. Yet the main concept is the same. This is also an open sandbox world with 2D and 3D concept. Student can download this edition for free without buying it.

The main difference is student can click photos with camera item. These photos can be stored on student’s online notebook. These photos can be shared also with other students. Also, Education system version has collaboration with other publishers. The purpose of this collaboration is to bring more educational content in the game. I personally appreciate this. Because it is good step to educate students in new way.

Game Play For Minecraft APK

Minecraft apk game has no specific goal to achieve. It allows the player free space to do what ever they want. Type of this games are interesting because you can easily spend a lot of time by playing this game. You can play it how ever you like. There is an achievement setup in the game. Which means you will have to complete the maps or have to perform any specific task.

It is first person handler game by default. But you have an option to play as third person perspective as well. It virtual world based game. It consist of different objects same as the real world. Like, stones, mirrors, axes etc etc. These are all 3D objects. User can move freely around the world. You also have ability to mine the objects and place them in inventory.

The world in this game is never ended one. Players can explore alot of objects in the game using the maps created by other users. Or by default, system provides the map as well. The worst thing in the game is that you can not have vertical movement. but that is not a problem. Minecraft apk allows the user to explore the map while running horizontally.

As mentioned above, it is related to real world based game. One can not move/run vertically in the real world. That is why, you can not move vertically in virtual world also. The map of minecraft game is versatile. which explores from deserts to snowfields, jungle to mountains, streams to sea etc.

Player can kill their enemies, animals, warms, and other creatures in the game. Also, eatable animals and insects can be haunted as well for food to maintain the health bar. To encounter these enemies, you will have to go behind them at night. because all the hostile creatures came out at night in real world. Same method followed by this game.

Minecraft APK Graphics

The only bad thing in this game is its graphics. personally i don’t like graphics of minecraft apk. because it is based on 3D objects. All the objects are blur and not good at all. I don’t know why the developer likes the graphics that way. but in 2018, personally i don’t think that graphic of any game should be like this.

It does not require any sort of graphic card to play. Interesting thing is that minecraft is also played by play stations and xbox users. but still the graphics are not way too good as compared to other games. May be this could be the reason for addiction of this game. It remembers me the memory of super Mario some how. But no matter what are the graphics and what are the sound and animation. Players are liking this game and playing a lot. no. of searches to play minecraft apk for free are increasing day by day.

Minecraft Desktop Releases

As this game got great fame in this era. Different Released were made at different times for the interaction with users. The very first release was for desktop for different operating systems. User could play this game in Windows, Linux and MacOS. There are some other versions apart from minecraft including classic, 4k and education edition. The very first version was minecraft classic which could be played online before it released for the desktop. Let us discuss different releases of minecraft for pc in detail below.

1. Minecraft Classic : You can play classic version for free. But it is very old to play now. Because the updated version were paid. As the main theme or story is the same such as you can play single or multiplayer. It also allow the players to build or destroy the world, killing enemies, hunting, travelling the world etc etc. As minecraft classic is the oldest version so that some blocks may behave differently because later their behavior changed.

2. Minecraft 4k : It is some how similar to the classic version. It was released for 4k java programming contest. It size was just 4 kb. The map was finite for this version. Players have to follow some parameters such as not allowed to destroying some blocks which is created by mud soil etc.

3. Minecraft Windows 10 :  This version in specially for windows 10. It is also available in windows store to purchase. The beta version was released in 2015. The specialty of this version is that it allows an opportunity to play online with xbox user or also you can play this with minecraft pocket edition users. Some players like to do gaming on desktop. So this is best for those players. Minecraft for windows 10 is virtual reality supported and you can add external controls. They are supported as well.

Minecraft Console Releases

Xbox : On May 2009, first release were made for Xbox 360. It was developed by 4J studios. First release was the same as for the PC version. But later on, change were made by gradually updating the game. The game is some how different from PC due to the controls system, game tutorials etc. Also, there is an option of splitting the screen for 2 players playing in same console. Splitting screen option is not available for windows version.

Play stations : For play station, minecraft was released in 2013/2014. This was much similar with xbox version which was released later on. No specific changes were made except controls and external components. It has the multiplayer option to play the game with friends and splitting the screen as well. You can play live with xbox and windows user also.

Minecraft Appreciation and Critics

Many critics commented that this game provides ease to the players. User can go or do anything he wants in the map. They have also praised difficult crafting system which is very keen for open ended maps and game plays. Mostly well reputed player appreciated the game but the problem were faced by the user were the lack of tutorials. People can not have the source to get proper tutorials for the game. This is the main reason that why new people find minecraft difficult.

Also, GameSpot wrote” the game looks its incomplete or some of the components does not have proper finishing. They were neglected during development”. The reviewers liked the game as well by commenting ” game is well balanced between building the objects and also exploring”. According to PC Gamer “This game is fun to play. It has quite versatile scope of creativity”. Also the education edition of minecraft apk was really appreciated. It was the good step for our education system. The new learning system should be developed for our children. Though many reviewers did not like the graphics due to some reasons.

Final Words :

I hope we have mentioned each and every detail for the game. You can simply download and install minecraft apk from our site and enjoy. if you have any difficulty related to this game from download to play. Just leave a feed back to us and we will help you in a while. Share this article to your friends and enjoy minecraft pocket edition for free. Cheers 🙂

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